Freitag, 5. November 2010

Where U Been (Instrumental Remake & Phone Rip)


Where U Been D-Ace Instrumental Remake

2Pac & Danny Boy - Where U Been (Phone Rip)

Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

D-Ace Presents - Judgement Time Vol. 1

01 Intro
02 Ghetto Gospel
03 When We Ride On Our Enemies
04 Soulja's Story
05 Still Ballin'
06 So Many Tears
07 Runnin' From The Police
08 Breathin'
09 The Uppercut
10 Nigga Nature
11 Whatz Ya Phone #
12 Enemies With Me
13 Hennessey
14 Open Fire
15 Hellrazor
16 Thugz Mansion
17 Outro Presents - The Revolution OG Vibes Vol.1

01. Intro
02. When I Get Free II (Saaphir Remix)
03. Baby Don't Cry (Makgame Remix)
04. Bury Me A G (DJ Tricki & Machiavelliano Remix)
05. **** All Y'All (Lil' Prophet Remix)
06. I Get Around (Saaphir Remix)
07. Fake Ass *****es (pretty_ugly Remix)
08. Thug In Me (Dj Cvince Remix)
09. Never Call U ***** Again (Lil' Prophet Remix)
10. Thin Line (Johnny J Tribute) (DJ critikaL Remix)
11. Nothing To Lose (Saaphir Remix)
12. Words To My First Born (DJ 4Thugno Remix)
13. Enemies With Me (pretty_ugly Remix)
14. Do For Love (Rahim Demo Remix)
15. When We Murder Our Enemies (Saaphir Remix)
16. Black Cotton (DJ Tricki Remix)
17. Military Minds (Saaphir Remix)
18. Killah (pretty_ugly Remix)
19. Coast 2 Coast (Rock Vibe) (Makgame Remix) Bonus Presents - The Revolution OG Vibes & Switchups Vol.2

01. War Games (DJ Cvince Remix)
02. I'm Gettin Money (Saaphir OG Vibe)
03. **** 'Em All (DJ Cvince Remix)
04. Lost Souls (Killa Kastro96 OG Vibe)
05. Crooked Nigga Too (Berocke Remix)
06. Neva Be Peace (DJ Cvince Remix)
07. Niggaz Nature (Saaphir OG Vibe)
08. How Do You Want It (Pretty_Ugly OG Vibe)
09. Old School (DJ Cvince Remix)
10. My Closest Roaddogz (Berocke's OG Vibe)
11. Holler If You Hear Me (Pretty_Ugly OG Vibe)
12. Troublesome (DJ Cvince Remix)
13. Pain (Smokey's Mix)
14. Losin It (Pretty_ugly Switchup)
15. War Games (Makgame RUSD Remix) Bonus
16. Old School (Bazza OG Vibe) Bonus

Bonus - Scrapped Tracks from Vol.1:
Bury Me A G (Solo) (DJ Tricki Remix)
Don't U Trust Me (DJ Chill Reel Remix)
Fake Ass *****es (Lil_Prophet Remix)
Happy Home (DJ Chill Reel Remix)
Komradz (Saaphir Remix)
My Block (DJ Chill Reel Switch Up)
Pac's Life (Saaphir OG Vibe)
Thug In Me (DJ Cvince Remix) (Alternative Version)
When We Ride On Our Enemies (Saaphir Remix)

Montag, 1. November 2010

Whizz presents - 2pac - First 2 Bump

01 Intro + A Hidden Track
02 Dusted And Disgusted with E-40, Mac Mall & Spice 1
03 Catchin Feelinz with Fatal and Kadafi
04 Pac's Life with Donny Rizzo
05 Never Had A Friend Like Me
06 First 2 Bomb with Daz Dillinger
07 Everything They Owe
08 Cradle 2 The Grave with Thug Life
09 Good Life with Big Syke and EDI
10 Fuckin With A Wrong Nigga
11 Million Dollar Spot with E-40 & B-Legit
12 Fortune & Fame with The Outlawz
13 When Thugz Cry
14 Hail Mary (Gee-Dup Mix) with The Outlawz
15 Outro

16 Don't Sleep with The Outlawz and Nutt-So (Bonus Track)
17 Runnin On E with The Outlawz (Bonus Track)
18 Changed Man (Bonus Track) Presents - 2pac (R)evolution - 2009

1. (R)evolution Intro
2. Holla If U Hear Me (MonRoe Remix)
3. From Tha Bay 2 L.A. Featuring Nuttso (MonRoe Remix)
4. Thug 4 Lyfe (MonRoe Remix)
5. Old School (MonRoe Remix)
6. Temptationz Featuring Tamia (MonRoe Remix)
7. War Gamez Featuring Tha Outlawz (MonRoe Remix)
8. When I Get Free (MonRoe Remix)
9. Don't Fuck Wit Us Featuring Freddie Foxx (MonRoe Remix)
10. Cause I Had 2 (MonRoe Remix)
11. Resist The Temptation (MonRoe Remix)
12. Do 4 Luv (MonRoe Remix)
13. Hail Mary 2010 (MonRoe Remix)
14. Don't Stop Featuring DPG (MonRoe Remix)
15. Immortal Featuring Tha Outlawz & Liv (MonRoe Remix)
16. Whats Ya Phone Number? Featuring Chuck Dirty (MonRoe Remix)

Bonus Tracks
17. So Much Pain (Joaquin Phoenix Remix)
18. Fuck Em All Featuring Tha Outlawz (Burns Luciano Remix)
19. Never Be Peace Featuring Tha Outlawz (Burns Luciano Remix)
20. Lost Souls Featuring Tha Outlawz (Mr.M Remix)

Saaphir - The War & Peace Project - 2006

-=>The War Disc<=-

1- Whatcha Gonna Do,Bitch! feat. Storm [Produced By Dr. Dre]
2 - Me & My Homeboyz feat. Young Noble [Produced By Dr. Dre]
3 - Fuck Em All feat. Outlawz [Produced By Dr. Dre & Scott Storch]
4 - This Life G's Lead (Cali's In The House Mix) feat. Outlawz
5 - Still Ballin' feat. Kurupt [Produced By Battlecat]
6 - Fake Ass Bitches [Produced By Dr. Dre]
7 - Keep Their Heads Ringin' [Produced By Dr. Dre]
8 - Whoa (Thug Style) [Produced By Jonathan "JR" Rotem]
9 - Open Fire [Produced By The Neptunes]
10 - Holla If Ya Hear Me
11 - So So Krazy feat. Outlawz (Komradz)
12 - Hellrazor feat. Stretch
13 - Don't Make Enemies With Me feat. Young Thugz[Produced By The Alchemist]
14 - When We Ride On Our Enemies
*Bonus Track* - This Motherfucking Life I Lead (Street Version)
*Bonus Track* - Don't Go To Sleep (Lady Heroin Mix)

-=>The Peace Disc<=-

1 - Just Like Music (We Can't Stop) feat. Outlawz & Marvin Gaye [Produced By Erik Sermon]
2 - I'm Gettin Money [Produced By Dr. Dre]
3 - Po' Nigga Blues (Cause I Had To) [Produced By DJ Quik]
4 - So Addictive feat. SKG [Produced By DJ Quik]
5 - Can U Get Away feat. Janet Jackson [Produced By Trackstar]
6 - Thugz Get Lonely Too feat. Thug Life [Produced By Red Spyda]
7 - Got 'Till It's Gone feat. Janet Jackson & Q-Tip [Produced By Jimmy Jam,Jerry Lewis & Janet Jackson]
8 - Remember The Old School feat. Rakim [Produced By DJ Clark Kent]
9 - Can't Keep Runnin Away (ft. The Notorious BIG & The Pharcyde [Produced By J Dilla]
10 - It's Gonna Be Alright (Happy Home) feat. J-Lo [Produced By The Trackmasters]
11 - Baby Don't Cry feat. Outlawz [Produced By Scott Storch]
12 - Letter To My Unborn Child feat. ANTHEM
13 - The Way It Is [Produced By Just Blaze]
14 - Hold On Be Strong feat. Stretch [Produced By Kanye West]
15 - C U When U'll Get There feat. 40 Thevz [Produced By Mr. Dominique De Romeo]
16 - Who Do U Believe In feat. Kadafi & Big Pimpin [Produced By Cool & Dre]
17 - 16 On Death Row [Produced By Pete Rock]

Mr Cynical - 2Pac - The Westcoast Don

1- A Crook, A Killa, A Thug (intro)
2- Sex Appeal (ft Kam, Xzibit & Lady Of Rage)
3- California (ft JT Tha Bigga Figga, Sean T & Ray Luv)
4- Ride Or Die (ft Mausberg)
5- Touch My soul
6- Beware Of My Crew (ft Techniq, Bad Azz & Above The Law)
7- Faded & X-Rated (ft Lil CS & Tha Mobstaz)
8- Remember Me
9- Take Me Back (Interlude)
10- Ain't No Fun (ft Too $hort, Kurupt, AMG & Warren G)
11- Who Do U Believe In (ft Kadafi & Big Pimpin')
12- Daddy Was A Soulja
13- Gangbangerz (ft Daz Dillinger & Coolio)
14- Baby Don't Cry (ft Outlawz)
15- Sleepin' In A Casket (ft Celly Cel)
16- Changez (Dedicated 2 Akademiikz)
17- Keep Myself From Fallin' (ft Spice 1)
18- Worlwide (ft Outlawz)
19- Yo MTV Raps Freestyle
20- Hit Em Up (live) (ft Outlawz)
21- Tha Outro

Mike Helix Presents 2Pac - Keep On Ridin - 2005


King Dizzy - Makaveli Devil Incarnate

01. Makaveli - 16 On Death Row (king dizzy rmx)
02. Makaveli - Better Dayz (king dizzy OG rmx)
03. Makaveli - Catchin Feelins (king dizzy rmx)
04. Makaveli - Ghetto Gospel (king dizzy rmx)
05. Makaveli - Hail Mary (king dizzy rmx)
06. Makaveli - Killa (king dizzy rmx 1 verse)
07. Makaveli - Thug Mansion (king dizzy rmx)
08. Makaveli - Who Do U Luv (king dizzy OG rmx)
09. Makaveli - Can U Get Away (king dizzy rmx)
10. Makaveli - Never Call You Bitch Again (king dizzy rmx)
11. Makaveli - There U Go (king dizzy rmx)
12. Makaveli - When We Ride On Our Enemies (king dizzy rmx)

Funkfather Remixes

Ive ripped all 2Pac Remixes from the Funkfathers (aka Wadz) Remix LP's 1-4.

2Pac - Baby Don't Cry [2F Remix]
2Pac - Can U Get Away (2F Remix)
2Pac - Don't Stop The Music [Wadz Remix]
2Pac - Fake Ass Bitches [2F Remix]
2Pac - I'm Losin' It (2F Remix)
2Pac - Lie To Kick It (2F Remix)
2Pac - Nothing To Lose (2F Remix)
2Pac & Eric Williams - Do 4 Luv (2F Remix)
2Pac & Jodeci - Thug N U Thug N Me (2F Remix)
2Pac feat. Dre & Roger - California Love [Wadz Remix]