Samstag, 10. September 2011

Alternate CDQ Batch

Much Propz to Papaveli from

All Out (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
All Out (Remix Complete) (CDQ)
Black Jesus (Og Version 3)
Catchin Feelings (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Changed Man (Og Complete Version 3) (CDQ)
Fright Night A (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Good Life (Alt Remix)
How Many Shots Will It Take (Fright Night B) (CDQ)
Immortal (Death Row Mix down) (Intro Error)
Last Ones Left (Og Version 4) (CDQ)
Let Em Have It (Og Version 2) (CDQ)@
Military Minds (Og Version 3) (CDQ)
My Lil Homies (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
My Lil Homies (Remix Complete) (CDQ)
Never Call U Bitch (East Coast Version) (Complete W Buckshot Verse)
Never Call U Bitch (Og Pre-Hook Version)
Nova Kaine (With Intro)
One Nation (Set It Off) (Version 3) (Un-tampered)
Pac's Life (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Runnin On E (Og Storm Version 3) (CDQ)
Starin' Through My Rearview (Retail Demo Version 2)
Still Ballin' (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Street Life (Alt Version) ft 2pac, Prince Ital Joe & Daz Dillinger
There U Go (Mix Error Version 1) (Complete)
This Ain’t Living (Complete Version 2) (CDQ)
Thug N Me (K-Ci & Jo Jo Demo Version)
Thug N Me (Og Version 4) (CDQ)
Troublesome (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
U Don't Have To Worry (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Untouchable (Og Alt Version 3) (Freestyle) (CDQ)
Wherever U Are (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
Wherever U Are (Og Version 3) (CDQ)
Why You Turn On Me (Og Version 2) (CDQ)
World Wide Dime Piece (Og Version 4) (CDQ)
Worldwide Stampede (Alt Mix Version) ft 2pac & Kurupt
Ya Own Style (Alt Version 3) (CDQ)

password (only for the link above) = 2PacForumDontStopKeepGoin!!


Pre Death Row DAT Rip

Propz to

01 - Young Lay - Amerikkka Eats Its Young (Mastered)_(f. Ray Luv, Mac Mall, 2pac)
02 - 2pac - Hell Razor (Original Version)
03 - 2pac - High Til I Die (Alternate Original Version)
04 - 2pac - Hold On Be Strong (Original Version)_(f. Stretch)
05 - 2pac - My Block (Original Version)
06 - 2pac - My Only Fear Of Death (Alternate Original Version)
07 - 2pac - Nothing To Lose (Alternate Original Version)
08 - 2pac - Out On Bail (Original Version)
09 - 2pac - R U Still Down (Original Version)
10 - 2pac - Suka 4 Love (Original Version)
11 - 2pac - Thugs Get Lonely Too (Alternate Original Version)
12 - 2pac - When I Get Free (Original Version
13 - 2pac - Where Do We Go From Here (Original Version)
14 - 2pac - Wonda Why They Call You Bitch (Original Version)


password: 2Pac-Forum.com4life!!

September 2011 Leak Vol. 2 - Crizzo Remaster Batch

Don't Sleep (Original Version) (Mastered)
Good Life (Original) (CDQ)
Ride 4 Me (5 Verses)
Unconditional Love (Original) (CDQ)

Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

September 2011 Leaks Vol.1 - 2010 Left Overs

1. Come With Me
2. Fair Exchange (Demo)
3. Just Watchin (Final)
4. Letter 2 My Unborn (Final)
5. Life Goes On (Retail Demo)
6. R U Still Down (Jon B Demo)
7. Rock On
8. Secretz Of War (Original)
9. Street Life
10. The Struggle Continuez (Completed Sample)
11. U Can Call (Rough Mix)
12. Watch Ya Mouth (Rough Mix)

Propz to for leaking this.