Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

New Pac Leaks

Watch Ya Mouth (WAV)

NY 87 (WAV)

HellRazor (Original)(Pre-DR) (MP3)

Propz to Yossy from TN for this great leaks

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Papaveli - The Prodigal Son - 2010

Propz to Papaveli from NM.

01 Immortal (Papaveli Remix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
02 Pain (Papaveli Remix) Feat.Nutt-So
03 Changed Man (Papaveli OG Enhancement) Feat.Big Syke and Nate Dogg
04 Don't Stop The Music (Papaveli OG Mix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
05 Ghetto Star (Papaveli OG Mix) Feat.Nutt-So
06 Killa (Papaveli Remix) Feat.Benzino and Freddie Foxxx
07 House Of Pain (Papaveli Retail Mix) Feat.The Notorious B.I.G.
08 My Closest Roaddogz (Papaveli OG Enhancment Mix) Feat.Big Syke
09 Never Call U Bitch Again (Papaveli Remix)
10 Reincarnation (Papaveli OG Mix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
11 Tattoo Tears (Papaveli OG Mix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
12 War Gamez (Papaveli Remix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
13 How Do U Want It (Papaveli Mix) Feat.K-Ci & JoJo
14 All Eyez On Me (Papaveli Retail Enchancement) Feat.Big Syke
15 Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) [Papaveli OG Mix) Feat.Tha Outlawz
16 Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Papaveli OG Enhancement)
17 Thugs Get Lonely Too (Papaveli Retail Mix) Feat.Rated-R
18 What'cha Gonna Do (Papaveli Remix) Feat.Storm
19 Immortal (Gangsta Party) Feat.Tha Outlawz

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Notorious Makaveli presents - Tupac Amaru Shakur - 40 Years and Still Ballin'

1 - Souljaz Story (Produced by Dj Tricki)
2 - Pain (Produced By Dj Dant)
3 - Thugz Get Lonely Too (Produced by Dj Cvince)
4 - Black Cotton feat Mouse Man (Papaveli West Coast Remix)
5 - Changed Man (Dj LV Remix)
6 - Don't You Trust Me (VenomRx Smooth Mix)
7 - Underground feat Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Ice Cube (Produced by Krew)
8 - Fake Ass Bytches (Produced By Dj Tricki)
9 - Hold On Be Strong (Master C Remix)
10 - Money, Cars, Clothes feat Dr. Dre, Nas, Q-Tip & Marsha Ambrosius (Produced by Krew)
11 - Whatcha Gonna Do (D-Ace Remix)
12 - Only Fear Of Death (Produced By Dj Dant)
13 - Baby Don't Cry feat The Outlawz (Produced by Dj Tricki)
14 - Sucka 4 Love (Dj LV Remix)
15 - Who Do U Believe In (Produced by Dj Cvince)
16 - Drunk Driving in my Glasshouse feat The Realest,The Outlawz (Papaveli Remix)
17 - Never B Peace feat The Outlawz (Produced By Dj Tricki)
18 - Happy Home (Dj LV Remix)
19 - Until The End Of Time (Produced by Dj Cvince)

Much Props to NM for this really cool Mixtape

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Makaveli & The Mexican (WAV)

Unreleased alternate/complete mixdowns. All in real wav and cdq.

1. Dont Stop
2. My Closest Road Dogs
3. Fair Xchange
4. Until The End Of Time
5. Fuckin With The Wrong Nigga
6. Happy Home
7. Last Ones Left
8. Letter 2 My Unborn
9. This Life I Lead
10. Never B Peace
11. They Dont Give A Fuck About Us
12. When We Ride On Our Enemies
13. When Thugz Cry
14. Wherever U R
15. World Wide Mob Figgaz
16. Whats Next
17. Better Days
18. Thug N U
19. Mamas Just A Little Girl
20. U Can Call!download|140tl|4204600356||914148|R~0