Sonntag, 17. April 2011

NM Presents: Sounds of the Scene Vol. 1

01 - Intro
02 - Ready 4 Whatever (Johnny J Tribute) (Ghost & Dj Cvince Remix)
03 - Temptations (Papaveli Remix)
04 - My Downfall (Krew Remix)
05 - Sucka 4 love (Ghost Remix)
06 - One Day At A Time (Dj Cvince Remix)
07 - Thugz Get Lonely Too (Venom Remix)
08 - Letz Fight (Papaveli Remix)
09 - Hennessey (Krew Remix)
10 - Lie To Kick It (Venom Remix)
11 - Somebodys Gotta Die (Master C Remix)
12 - There U Go (Papaveli Remix)
13 - Dont U Trust Me (Krew Remix)
14 - Old School (Dj Cvince Remix)
15 - Me & My Bitch (Krew Remix)
16 - Thug 4 Life (Papaveli & Dj Cvince Remix)
17 - Surviving Tha Game (Krew Remix)
18 - Out On Bail (Papaveli Remix)
19 - When We Ride On Our Enemies (Dj Cvince Remix)
20 - Things Done Changed (Papaveli Remix)
21 - Thug Luv (D-Ace Remix)

Samstag, 2. April 2011

Until The End Of Time - Alternate Mixdown (CDQ)

Alternate Mixdowns in CDQ (Snippets)

Propz to for these snippets. i hope they will leak full versions soon.

Dont Stop The Music (leaked)
Fair Xchange
Fuck Em All (leaked)
Fuckin With The Wrong Nigga
Happy Home
Last Ones Left
Set It Off
They Dont Give A Fuck About Us
This Life I Lead
Thug N Me
Until The End Of Time
Whats Next (leaked)
When Thugs Cry
When We Ride On Our Enemies
Where Ever U R
World Wide Dime Piece
World Wide Mob Figgaz

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