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September 27th Leaks

Propz to notorious-makavali and tupacnation for this four tracks.

Playa Cards Right (Female OG)
Recorded in 1996. Produced by Johnny J. This version is a premix, before pac and kadafi corrected their verses. its the og. This is all amaru could find, thus why the remixes are missing the same exact words. The male version doesnt feature kci & jojo, it features a different unknown male singer.



Thugz Mansion (OG)



Mama's Just a Lil Girl (OG)




Mama's Just a Lil Girl (JJ Remix)



Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Troublesome / God Bless The Dead Single

A1 - God Bless The Dead (Clean)
A2 - Troublesome (Clean)
B1 - God Bless The Dead (Dirty)
B2 - Troublesome (Dirty)

(320kbps , 41,3mb)


2Pac On Yo! MTV Raps (13/08/93)

2Pac Live At The Gund Arena (Ohio) 01/04/96

Samstag, 18. September 2010

Big Time (Original Version) Lyrics

Song: Big Time (Original Version)
Artist: Live Squad feat 2Pac
Album: The Game Of Survival
Transcribed by: Live-Squad.com
Revised by Choo

[Willie D sample]
I make big money

(Uh, yeah)
(Uh, yeah, that shit is funky you know what I'm saying?)
(Uh, yeah, ha-ha)
Big Maj in the motherfucking house
Check it

Pull a card, here comes the Squad,
Sure to bomb, never lost when I've sparred,
And hard cuz I'm God!
And comes off the top
Don't they know a nigga got flavour, magic and sharp as a razor.
Bockin' when I'm walkin', always tryna take a niggaz fucking picture,
Embarassed when my lawyers gettin with ya
I'm larger than life, rather jumbo
The Thuggadon niggas got incredible dope flow
Operate smooth, cops can't find no evidence,
So I'll just laugh, look at my fucking dead presidents.
Sending me decoys with marked money frontin' yo,
What you need G? Nah, I ain't got nuttin',
I say "Give up ya gun"
Is what I tell em then I step,
wouldn't be top dog if I was one who slept
So show respect
I'm beyond that, livin' like Trump,
The only difference is a nigga's never in a slump,
Tax free is what it be G,
stacking while I'm macking,
The Squad is Big Time if you wanna be exactin',
Dealin' with keys, you see these on the mad tip.
Act like you want it and we'll have to just wreck shit.

I make big money (motherfucker big time)
I make big money (we living big time)

[Verse 2: Majesty]
Niggaz livin' Big Time,
Niggaz doing mad crimes
Niggaz getting papers killing niggaz that drama dying
But that don't ??? cuz we carry big guns
And when we on the scene they get scared and start to run
But we'll just have to scoop just to keep money in our pocket
Uptown ???
Step in the club we got it going on I'm solo
Big diamond on my pinky and I'm probably ???
down and about to bring the funky sound
young gangsta thugs getting rich on the underground
And when ya ask me the time you know I flex the Rolex
Tell you the time and then I sip on the Moet
Get all psycho with the mob and then we roll up a fat spliff
Don't know why but when we high we always get a ???
Until we step to the floor and all those people be bouncin'
Feeling good ??? with the ounces
Imperial top dons, shine like royalty
So it's real easy to slide with a cutie
Steppin' out the club with a cutie that's so sexy
Give her a large ?? to my black Lexus
??? sitting sound like a road hog
Pulling out smooth leave a motherfucker's dick hard
Grab the car phone to take care of my business
Call up my people and tell them what the deal is
Sorry baby but you gotta go on the block because I can't let you near the ??? fuck up my condo
Bone it just to hit it and I feel no sorrow cuz I'm gonna do the same fucking shit tomorrow
I make big money, big lawyers,
Fuck the police they're big slime, they can't do me nothing, you know why?
Cuz I'm living real Big Time!


A yo, Oaktown

Some say cracks the only way to get your papers
Prepare to catch the vapours,
I'm violating niggas like a rapist.
The coppers couldn't catch us with a net,
the one you love to sweat,
how crooked can a motherfucker get?
2Pacalypse Now's a real knucker,
I'm slick and quick to pick her upper,
After I fuck her then I duck her.
Young Gunz niggas got em frantic,
They just can't understand it,
We get wrecked across the planet.
Beeper goes off I hit the cellular,
Coppers wanna gat me, they can't sweat me so the hell wit cha!
You'll get the dick quick while I'm getting rich, bitch.
Tried a lunatic, I flip and do some slick shit.
Nigga, I'm like Gotti, give me body,
Rob you for your drugs then put slugs in your hottie.
And ain't nobody that can stop me,
I'm rollin' with the Squad motherfucker damn posse.
Come get your ass rolled up, I kid ya not,
this shit I got I'll have ya sewed up.
16 shots come and get mine,
Fuck you motherfuckers cause I'm finally livin' Big Time!


Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

Whizz Presents Makaveli Standarts (Instrumental Remake Tape)


Tape I

101.As The World Turnz
103.Scandalouz with The F.A.M
104.High Speed
105.Lil Homies (UTEOT Remix)
106.Run The Streetz
108.They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
109.Last Nigga Left
110.White Manz World
111.Play Ya Cardz Right
112.Thug Passion
113.Demo. Check Out Time

Tape II

201.Good Die Young
202.One Day At A Time
203.Hold Ya Head
204.Me Against The World (Intro Instrumental)
205.Runnin On E
207.Unconditional Love
208.Untouchable (Original Version)
209.Holla At Me
210.Tongue Kissin'
211.Only God Can Judge Me
212.Demo. Just Like Daddy
213. Until The End Of Time (Johnny J Remix)

All the tracks reproduced by Whizz for the 2pac community.
It was a challenge and pleasure to work on this tape, discovering producing techniques is always amusing.
Some of these tracks are bald remakes, to others, like Reincarnation, Tongue Kissing and some, i added my own touch.
If you feel my work, drop a comment. No cpu elements of actual tracks were used.

Thanks to the people who helped me while working on this tape. Sanek92, Omgwtflol, The F.A.M, 7Aurelia, J-Funk and DADA7.
Big thank you to the people, encouraging me to finish this, you know who you are
Big ups to Tupacnation.net

I hope J-Funk and 7aurelia excuse my lameness for not putting their insight to those tracks they did cuts to, i was just unable to put this all together in time, i hope we can come back to it later on.

Dr.Dre i promise to come back on Detox production in a while.

people seeking for original or untouched sound, please remember this was done by the fan on a computer, please keep that in mind, thanks


2pac - All Eyez On Me 2010 (DJ Cvince Instrumental Album)

Book 1
1 Ambitionz Az A Ridah (DJ Cvince Remake)
2 All About U - (Original Looped Beat)
3 Skandalouz (DJ Cvince Remake)
4 Got My Mind Made Up (DJ Cvince Layered Remake) - (Original Looped Beat with my own remade layers)
5 How Do U Want It - (Original Beat)
6 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted - (Original Beat)
7 No More Pain - (Original Looped Beat)
8 Heartz of Men - (Original Beat)
9 Life Goes On (DJ Cvince Remake)
10 Only God Can Judge Me (DJ Cvince Remake) - (Original Drums were used)
11 Tradin' War Stories (DJ Cvince Remake)
12 California Love Remix - (Original Beat)
13 I Ain't Mad at Cha - (DJ Cvince Remake)
14 What'z Ya Phone # - (Original Beat)

Book 2
1 Can't C Me (DJ Cvince Layered Remake) - (Original Looped Beat with my own remade layers)
2 Shorty Wanna Be a Thug (DJ Cvince Remake)
3 Holla at Me (DJ Cvince Remake)
4 Wonda Why They Call U Bitch (DJ Cvince Remake)
5 When We Ride (DJ Cvince Remake)
6 Thug Passion (Re-Styled)(DJ Cvince Remake)
7 Picture Me Rollin' (Original Beat) - With few minor additions and a hook
8 Check Out Time (DJ Cvince Remake II) - (My 2nd version of this remake)
9 Ratha Be Ya Nigga (DJ Cvince Remake)
10 All Eyez on Me (DJ Cvince Remake)
11 Run tha Streetz (DJ Cvince Remake)(Demo) - (Was really tired of messing with this track, so it will be finished in future)
12 Ain't Hard 2 Find (DJ Cvince Remake)
13 Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find (Feat. 7Aurelia)(DJ Cvince Remake)

Book 3 - Bonus
1 2pac - Me Against The World (Album Version)(DJ Cvince Remake) - Original drumline used
2 2pac - One Day At A Time OG (DJ Cvince Remake) - Original drumline used
3 2pac - Soon As I Get Home (Re-Styled)(DJ Cvince Remake)
4 2pac - Troublesome '96 (DJ Cvince Remake)
5 2pac - Breathin' OG (Confessions)(DJ Cvince Remake)
6 2pac - Late Night (DJ Cvince Remake)
7 2pac - Pain (DJ Cvince Remake)
8 2pac - Black Cotton (D-Ace Remake) - Great remake from one of the best remakers out there and also my good friend D-Ace
9 Dramacydal - Gotta Get Away (DJ Cvince Remake)
10 Johnny J Dedication - A little tribute I made to the greatest producer of all time


2pac & Friendz - The Remakes Vol.2 (DJ Cvince Instrumental Album)

1. 2pac - Never Had A Friend Like Me 1996 (Gridlock'd OST)(Re-Styled Remake)
2. 2pac - Blasphemy 1996 (Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory)
3. Imaan Faith - Goin 2 The Top 2008 (Let The Truth Be Known) - Original song was produced by Johnny J
4. Nutt-So - When Will Heaven Call 1996 (The Betrayal)
5. O.F.T.B. - Worldwide 2007 (The Missing D.R. Files)
6. 2pac - Black Starry Night 1997 (Interlude)(R U Still Down)
7. 2pac - Krazy 1996 (Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory)
8. 2pac - Thug In Me OG
9. 2pac - Tear Drops And Closed Caskets OG
10. 2pac - Loyal To The Game 1994 (Above The Rim OST)
11. 2pac - U Can Be Touched OG (Re-Styled Remake)
12. 2pac - Thug 4 Life OG (Re-Styled Remake)
13. 2pac - Until The End Of Time (Johnny J Remix)
14. 2pac - Let's Be Friends OG
15. 2pac - When I Get Free II 1997 (R U Still Down)
16. Big Syke - Satelite Niggaz 1996 (Be Yo' Self)(Mellow Vibe) - Original song was produced by Johnny J
17. 2pac - Ghetto Star 2002 (Better Dayz)
18. Outro - Starry Night 2000 (The Rose That Grew From Concrete)(Original Instrumental) - Decided to arrange this beat
from few loops of original song and put it as an outro to my album. The beat was made by QDIII.


2Pac - The Remakes Vol.1 (DJ Cvince Instrumental Album)

2pac - Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Until The End Of Time)(Re-Styled) - New layers added over looped instrumental
2pac - Bury Me A G (Thug Life Vol. 1) - Remake, original drums used
2pac - Changed Man (OG) - Remake
2pac - Check Out Time (All Eyez On Me)(Feat. 7Aurelia) - Remake, featuring 7Aurelia on the hook
2pac - Don't Call Me Bitch (OG) - Remake
2pac - Grab The Mic (OG) - Remake
2pac - I Get Around (Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z) - Remake, original drums used
2pac - I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (R U Still Down) - Remake of the piano version
2pac - I'm Gettin' Money (Thug Life Demo) - Remake
2pac - Me Against The World (Soul Power Mix) - Remake
2pac - Old School (Me Against The World) - Remake
2pac - Part Time Mutha (2pacalypse Now) - Remake
2pac - Picture Me Rollin' (All Eyez On Me) - Remake
2pac - Picture Me Rollin' (Re-Sampled) - Remake of Na$ re-sampled mix
2pac - Runnin' (Runnin' Single) - Remake
2pac - Starin' Through My Rearview (Gang Related OST) - Remake
2pac - Starin' Through My Rearview (Re-Sampled) - DJ Cvince Remixed Instrumental
2pac - Thug 4 Life (OG) - Remake
2pac - Tradin' War Stories (All Eyez On Me) - Remake
2pac - World Wide MOB Figgaz (OG) - Remake
"Dedication" (Bonus) - Different vibe to Diddy's "I'll Be Missing You" (different name too)


Dienstag, 14. September 2010

2Pac - Lights Out - 1997 (WAV)

01. Play Your Cards Right Feat. Jodeci and The Outlaws.wav
02. 4 My Niggaz Featuring Storm.wav
03. Letter 2 Tha President Feat. The Outlaws.wav
04. Die Feat. Kurupt.wav
05. Hit Em Up 2 Feat. The Outlaws.wav
06. World Wide Mod Figures Feat. The Outlaws.wav
07. Soon As I Get Home.wav
08. Grab The Mic.wav
09. This Life I Lead Feat. The Dogg Pound.wav
10. Fade Me Feat. The Outlaws.wav
11. Resist Tha Temptation.wav
12. Me And My Homies Feat. Nate Dogg.wav
13. Why U Turn On Me.wav
14. Runnin' Feat. Dramacydal & Notorious BIG.wav



feat. Bad Azz, Snoop Dogg, Edi and Yaki Kadafi

2Pac Lyrics

Un-motherfuckin-touchables with the LBC cliq, nigga
bad boy killa, untouchable
put ya guns down now nigga, we un-motherfuckin-touchable, die
westside, outlaw, thug life, mo-motherfuckin-b, lb-motherfuckin-c
what it be like, what it see like, you know

Smooth criminal individual
Suffered went to jail
Made bail
Seeing hell made me ruffer
Getting money,
Funny it seems young black teen
Triple beam dreams make him, Fiend
For crack seems,
Maybe they fuckin make a million
Bustin' from on top of the building
A victim addicted to killin
I can see it in my eye's sight
Yo what's the hostage
It's a pig that don't fly right
You die tonight
Get me high im a killa
Lyrics raise drug dealers
Turn them into motherfuckin thug niggas
LBC come and bail with me
Hang with the same niggas
Go to jail with me
With the Outlaw click
Sick since I came out
Pull out my pistol
Blow your brains out
Pull it,
My every word like a bullet
Hallow-point style
Murder niggas 'till they feel it
Im Untouchable!


and again big propz to NM

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Makaveli & Dillinger - Dont Go To Sleep - 2004 (WAV)

01 - Wake Up My People (The Intro)
02 - Don't Go To Sleep
03 - First 2 Bomb
04 - I'm Dumpin'
05 - Let's Fight (AKA -Niggaz Wanna Get It On-)
06 - First 2 Bomb (Original)
07 - Don't Go To Sleep (Original)
08 - They Don't Give A Fuck About Us (Original)
09 - Don't Go To Sleep (Soul G-Mix)
10 - Only Move 4 Tha Money
11 - First 2 Bomb (BBK Mix)
12 - Bonus Track - First 2 Bomb (Instrumental)


PW: chronicspacblog

Trapp - The Here After - 1999 (WAV)

01 Dedication
02 Real Bad Boys
03 Be The Realist
04 Ooh Wee
05 California Hustler
06 Raise Up Off N.U.T.S.
07 Monday Morning
08 Stop The Gun Fight
09 West Coast
10 Never Say Never
11 Criminal
12 Slippin' into Darkness


Trapp - You Never Heard - 1998 (WAV)

01 Intro
02 Biggies Interview
03 Don`t Tempt Me
04 Road To Riches
05 Die Slow (All Out Solo)
06 Bullet Proof
07 Troublesome
08 Ghetto Funk
09 Biggie And Pac Concert
10 Pac Big And Easy Tribute
11 Change My Ways (aka Hell 4 A Hustler)
12 Real Niggas
13 All About My Paper
14 Let`s Be Friends
15 Ghetto Train
16 Happy Home
17 It Be Real
18 Pac`s Life
19 It Be Going Down
20 Bonus Track


September 13th Leaks

All Eyez On Me OG Demo Album Book II

Can't C Me
Shorty Wanna Be A Thug
Holla At Me (New Sick Beat)
Wonder Why They Call U Bitch
When We Ride
Thugz Passion
Picture Me Rollin
Ratha Be Ya NIGGA
Run Tha Streetz
All Eyez On Me
We Aint Hard 2 Find
Heaven Aint Hard 2 Find

WAV (Fake WAV)


PW: chronicspacblog

Set It Off (Untagged)

Propz 2 NM

Juice Special Issue: Tupac Shakur - The Legend Lives On (Scans)

Juice is a german Hip Hop Magazine. In 2006 they made a Tupac Special.

Here are my scans of the magazine.



Sonntag, 12. September 2010

September 12th Leaks

Still I Rise OG Album


password for mp3 : NM4LifeBitches!!!

WAV (Fake WAV)

All Eyez On Me OG Demo Album Book I

01 Ambitionz As A Ridah
02 All About U
03 Skandalouz
04 Got My Mind Up
05 How Do U Want It
06 2 Of Americaz Most Wanted
07 Life Goes On
08 Only God Can Judge Me
09 Tradin War Stories
10 California Love
11 I Ain't Mad At Cha
12 Heartz Of Men
13 No More Pain
14 Whatz Ya Phone #
15 U Can Call
16 Come With Me (Interlude) Ft Danny Boy
17 U Can Call (OG)
18 Hearts of Men (Demo Rip 1)


WAV (Fake WAV) - only Heartz Of Men (Demo Rip 1) is real WAV

Password : Notorious-Makaveli.com4Life!!

Pre-Death Row Tape OGs

Amerikka Eatz Itz Young
High Till I Die
Hold On Be Strong
My Block
My Only Fear Of Death
Nothing To Lose
Out On Bail
R U Still Down
Sucka 4 Love
Thugz Get Lonely Too
When I Get Free
Where Do We Go From Here
Wonder Why They Call U Bitch (PRE-DEATH ROW VERSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


WAV (Real WAV)

password = www.notorious-makaveli.com

WAV (Real WAV)

WAV (Fake WAV)

Life's So Hard (Death Row Demo)

WAV (Fake WAV)


Life's So Hard (Death Row Demo) Full Intro & Outro


Samstag, 11. September 2010

2Pac - Reincarnation (Movie)

2pac reincarnation is a remake of Tupac Ressurection Movie project includes many footages and scenes from 2pac life

All Music by Whizz / Artwork by Sanek92 / Special Thanks to DADA7 for the Help


Remembering Makaveli Vol.3 DVD

Remembering Makaveli volume 3 contains over two hours of footage, all of which is exciting to see. The first hour consists of 2Pac's birthday on June 16, 1996. In a mock-documentary style coverage, meet 2Pac's mother, Yaki's mother, each Outlaw, 2Pac's sister, and several other members of his entourage (including the singer of Borrowed Times).

The viewer also is treated to a tour of 2Pac's mansion and, as the day progresses on, cameras meet up with 2Pac, Kurupt, Danny Boy, and the Outlawz at the studio. Footage shows the steps in creating an instrumental and the writing of verses to the beat (among partying and lots of drinking and smoking). In addition to the main feature, several rare and previously unseen 2Pac interviews are included. 2Pac speaks on Gridlock'd at length in a rare uncut interview that was later chopped up into 20 second sound bytes for broadcast airing.

Hear him discuss the dual roles he takes on as an actor and a musician and the challenges of working alongside extremely talented people. This interview is followed by several others, in which 2Pac discusses his signing to Death Row, the demonization of his image in the media, the sexual assault case against him, working with his role models, and so much more. This volume focuses on 2Pac telling us about 2Pac, so it features a great deal of footage of him talking directly to the viewer and telling us how he came to be the man he was. As with volumes one and two, volume three includes special bonus audio that remains unleaked. This time we are revealing one of the four tracks included as bonus... Letter 2 My Unborn (Original Version) will finally see the light of day! No audio is tagged or otherwise altered. Bonus audio is intended to keep the excitement of the project up - but remember that the video is a rare and unseen glimpse into Pac's life.

Note: Audio bonus will only be included if we receive enough interest in this package.

DVD (PW=chronicspacblog)


Audio Bonus - Wonda Why They Call You Bitch (Demo Version) - (Propz to slo_down)



Remembering Makaveli Vol.2 DVD

Presenting Remembering Makaveli Volume 2, a DVD compilation of rare and previously unreleased footage and audio in celebration of 2Pac's prolific career. Volume two offers an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the Hit 'Em Up video (over a hour long) as well as some other footage both pre and during Pac's Death Row days. Pac's leadership, impatience, humor, and souljah aspects of his personality all shine in this footage.

Some highlights include:

An alternate outro to Hit Em Up previously unavailable (not the Lil Kim, Jay-Z diss version!)
Alternate video plots are explored during the shooting, including 2Pac choosing Outlaw members to play Reservoir Dogs characters
Footage of the filming of every scene used in the released video
Behind the scenes - see the partying, humor, and stress of a video shoot
On the fly video concepts developed by 2Pac including the decision to add a price tag to Lil Kim's wig and more
See the fat Biggie imitator fall asleep on set
Crew members listening to Too $hort's Gettin It album, released a few days before the video shoot
All Eyez on Me album snippets are played, and there's a song played that seems to have been meant for All Eyez that was not included. Oh yeah, we all have this song too!
See 2Pac interact with the Outlawz on set, and show both his leadership and impatience
See how the famous fire scene was actually created
Watch Pac's discomfort in being dressed like the police


Toss It Up Beach Version in full VHS quality! This recording was used to create the WMV file that was leaked to the net, but this version is in full size so it is not blocky and distorted on your screen. An unreleased video!
See early footage and interviews of 2Pac when he was starting his career with Digital Underground. See him as a backup performer, and a fun loving person in interviews - starting food fights and acting a fool on camera.
Four bonus rare audio files. No hints will be given, but you don't have them in this incredible quality nor these versions. All from Death Row days. NO Tags or DJ shoutovers.
Preview of volume 3's exclusive studio footage

Several improvements have been made from volume one . All footage has been encoded from digital video streams, which helps in the fluidity of playback and allows more content. Additionally, this is a full DVD of media, with two hours and five minutes of playback and 4.16 gigabytes of data. While this release focuses on the creation of a video, volume 3 will focus on the events of a day in the life of 2Pac, culminating with some exclusive in-studio footage with 2Pac, Kurupt, Edi, Kastro, Kadafi, and Mutah. In concordance with volume one, the majority of proceeds will be sent to the TASF to purchase bricks in the name of the online 2Pac community.

- The making of Hit Em Up
- Toss It Up (Beach Party)
- Interview with Ed Gordon
- Digital Underground on YO! MTV Raps
- No Nose Job (Live)
- Digital Underground Interviews
- 2Pac Interview with Fab 5 Freddy
- 2Pac Interview on Juice
- 2Pac Freestyle Outro

plus Bonus Songs
- Late Night (Original Explicit Version) with AMG & DJ Quik
- Never Had A Friend Like Me (Original Version)
- Lil Homies (Original Version non-tagged)
- Yaki Kadafi - Medicate

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DMDW4ZA4 (new link)
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=B82789LO (new link)

Propz 2 Sanek92 for the Links

Remembering Makaveli Vol.1 DVD

Presenting “Remembering Makaveli,” a DVD video project constructed to present the many sides of arguably the most prolific and intriguing hip hop artist in history via the most qualified commentator to discuss the man’s life, politics, music, and friends… 2Pac himself.

Contained in this release is over 85 minutes of great quality footage that has come from a variety of places and times, but none will disappoint.

Some highlights include:

* A full and uncut freestyle from the Lie 2 Kick It recording session that features the original beat
* A cypha freestyle session featuring Grand Puba and Treach from Naughty By Nature, in which 2Pac freestyles elements from 5 Deadly Venomz twice
* A performance of Crooked Nigga Too live at a show with Digital Underground and Raw Fusion. While it is only one verse, the original version’s instrumental is heard and it’s very familiar… The performance is followed by an interview
* An interview with 2Pac and Thug Life members who are not the ones we all know… Interesting. Later that day 2Pac performs the I’m Getting’ Money version available on Tha Westside DVD. 2Pac and Thug Life members perform a concert later that evening and violence erupts
* Exclusive crime scene footage gathered shortly after 2Pac was transported via ambulance to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas. Extensive video footage of the BMW is shown, as well as a press interview with the Las Vegas Police’s Crime Scene Supervisor, who reveals some interesting facts regarding the police’s proximity to the shooting that evening
* Footage of Hammer arriving at the UMC, followed by the hospital spokesman’s press release discussing 2Pac’s condition and visitors
* much, much, more...

BONUS: A bonus song. This is an unleaked song that has not been released in any way. It is pure CD quality, during 2Pac's Death Row Record days.



Tupac Shakur Birthday Tribute DVD Rip

Legendary rappers Treach (Naughty By Nature), Dead Prez, Digital Underground
and Thug Life’s Mopreme Shakur pay tribute to their fallen comrade in this
limited edition Tupac Shakur Birthday Tribute DVD.

Bonus Features:
Slide Show w/Exclusive Pictures
Mopreme Shakur Freestyle
Unreleased Tupac Tribute Song


Propz 2 Lord Smoke-A-Lot

Freitag, 10. September 2010

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Runnin From The Police (4.55 M Version)(Unedited CDQ)

"this is 4.55 seconds version (not the thug life version), true CDQ and unedited of course not a big deal compared with all that great new leaks, but it wasnt posted before so enjoy" - Dada7


WAV (True WAV)
UL: http://ul.to/e8a994ve
MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?ck6fkipyrd4d8g5

Propz 2 Dada7

ESPN 30 for 30 - One Night In Vegas / Let's Get It On Clip


One Night In Vegas



Lets Get It On (OG Clip - Both Parts Merged)

UL: http://ul.to/r65nen2t
MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?cqyl41u328d1ddb

The Im No Leaker Homie Deal

Fuck Friendz (Alternate Version)
Just Watching (Alternate Version)
M.O.B. (Alternate Version)
Still Ballin (Original Version aka Str8 Ballin II)
Street Life

No REUP planned!

Propz 2 Notorious-Makaveli

6 new Tracks from Still I Rise

High Speed
Baby Dont Cry
Letter to the President
Still I Rise
Tattoo Tears

No REUP planned! Check this instead http://chronicspacblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/new-leaks.html

Propz 2 Franco

Cursed Since Birth EP - 2009

01 Intro
02 Bury Me A G (Original)(Solo)
03 R U Still Down (Original)
04 Str8 Ballin (Original)
05 High Til I Die (Original Reggae Version)
06 Thug Life (Real Original)
07 Runnin From The Police (Original)

UL: http://uploaded.to/file/rbustxwb
MF: http://www.mediafire.com/?bv4c3pu99zpecjh