Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

DaDa7 Presents - Strictly 4 My Niggaz (Digitally Remastered)

01 2Pac - Holler If Ya Hear Me.wav
02 2Pac - Pac's Theme (Interlude).wav
03 2Pac - Point The Finga.wav
04 2Pac - Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude).wav
05 2Pac - Last Wordz (feat. Ice Cube & Ice-T).wav
06 2Pac - Souljah's Revenge.wav
07 2Pac - Peep Game (feat. Deadly Threat).wav
08 2Pac - Strugglin' (feat. Live Squad).wav
09 2Pac - Guess Who's Back.wav
10 2Pac - Representin' 93.wav
11 2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up (feat. The Black Angel).wav
12 2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z....wav
13 2Pac - The Streetz R Deathrow.wav
14 2Pac - I Get Around (feat. Digital Underground).wav
15 2Pac - Papa'z Song (feat. Wycked Of W.A.T.M. & Poppi).wav
16 2Pac - 5 Deadly Venomz (feat. Treach, Apache & Live Squad).wav

Bonus - Flex.MP3
Bonus - Holler If Ya Hear Me (Unreleased Version).wav
Bonus - Keep Ya Head Up (Original 1st press Version).wav
Bonus - Nigga Named Troublesome.wav
Bonus - Nothing But Love.wav


David hat gesagt…

What's the password for this?????????

chronic hat gesagt…


Civilian3030 hat gesagt…

Any chance of posting in 320? Also always have problems with 7zip files. Winzip and rar files are always best. Thanks always

TheLakersSUCK hat gesagt…

Hello! Please, please (I love tupac), Will you host this album for download somewhere else. Maybe--- "4shared" or "mediafire" or "depositfiles". All I really need is 320 or 256 joint track encoding for my ipod. I would really appreciate this one. The version I have is utterly hatable and the japanese version is even worse. Go figure.

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